Instructor Training

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Fitness Hoop Instructors Change Lives! 


Online (Distance) Instructor Training includes:

• Online Course: "Fitness Hoop Instructor Training"

• Online Course: "Fitness Hoop Foundation Training"
   (pre-requisite for non-credentialed instructors)

• Online Course: "Marketing Your Fitness Hoop Classes"

• 12-Month Licensing & Benefits Package*


Online Course is £245 GBP (approx. $349 USD) at The Hooping Academy. Includes a Powerhoop Deluxe.


On-location Courses in the UK at the Powerhoop UK website



*Note: After 12 months, in order to continue teaching under the Corehoop brand you must maintain an annual subscription to the Licensing and Benefits Package: $150/year paid up front in full (equivalent to $12.50 per month) or a $17.50 monthly direct debit option.


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