Pro Instructor Licensing and Benefits Package

When you subscribe to the Corehoop Licensing Benefits Package, your Media Library with music and videos is just one of the perks, privileges and profit opportunities to which you have access.


Licensing Benefits Include: ​


• Licensed use of Corehoop brand
• National advertising that directs customers to your classes
  on the Find-a-Class Map ​​
• Full access to Media Library with over 200 videos of choreographed routines ​
• PPL-free bespoke Powerhoop Music, with an exclusive license for use in classes ​
• Top-notch customer service and support ​
• Private Facebook Group for certified Corehoop Instructors ONLY
• Ongoing updates of marketing materials and branding ​
• Discounts on all Powerhoop products
• Regular newsletter with news, tips and updates ​