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The World's Most Advanced Fitness Hoop

The patented Corehoop Deluxe (known as "Powerhoop®" in Europe) is many hoops in one, enabling all users to “upgrade” incrementally; The hoop starts with a basic weight of 3.5 lbs/1.6kg, and comes with four stainless steel inserts to take the weight up to 4.2 lbs/1.9kg. (Four additional weights can take the total up to 4.8 lbs/2.2kg. 


The Corehoop Deluxe Package Deal includes Extra Weights, Carrybag and Home Workout DVD.


The Corehoop Deluxe has a sleek, revolutionary design, made possible by a unique overmolding process, with a hard plastic outer surface to protect the hoop against damage. Shock-absorbing inner compression zones maximize effect while minimizing discomfort for new users. Flush, visible buttons make assembly and dismantling a breeze, and patented, compressible and angled impact chambers create variation, based on the direction of one’s hooping. See product information video, below.


The Corehoop Deluxe was designed and developed in Europe, and is made in Wiltshire, England. All materials meet strict European safety standards for children and babies.



NOTE: Depending on availability, your Deluxe Hoop may be delivered in a "Powerhoop" box. This is simply an international branding difference. Powerhoops and Corehoops are identical.


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